Music Databases and APIs


Here is the link to the list of online music database in Wikipedia.

Also, below is a summary of music databases I have worked on. I added some notes.

MusicBrainz Database : Free and data dumps are available. (PostgreSQL), a good starting point

The Echonest API : Rosetta Stone project -> mapping multiple music APIs’ ids -> helping integrate multiple databases and APIs.

Spotify Web API : popularity data and user listening history, will integrate the Echonest API soon.

Discogs: contains label information.( -> Data dumps are available.)

Quantone: (Fee) Mapping ids among spotify, discogs, and musicbrainz ids.

7Digital API: Music audio samples are available.

LastFM API: airplay data on the internet radio

Nielsen Soundscan: Not free. Traditionally used for music sales. (info from Wikipedia)

Billboard Chart Weekly Top 100: Terminate API services in 2013, chart rankings are based on Nielsen Soundcan (some scraped data from

Million Song database: data on music features

Musixmatch: data on lyrics


Author: sungyongchang

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