[1] Sungyong Chang, J.P. Eggers, Daniel D. Keum, Bottleneck Resources, Market Relatedness, and the Dynamics of Organizational Growth , Conditionally accepted, Organization Science.

[2] Sungyong Chang, Bruce Kogut, JS Yang, 2016, Global Diversification Discount and Its Discontents: A Bit of Self-selection Makes a World of Difference, Strategic Management Journal 37 (11), 2254-2274
– 2015 AOM Best Paper Proceedings

Working papers

Sungyong Chang, Hyunseob Kim, Jaeyong Song, Keun Lee, Technological Opportunity, Technological Leadership Change, and the Latecomer’ R&D Resource Allocation between Innovation and Imitation, Revise and resubmit, Academy of Management Review.

Sungyong Chang, Two Faces of Decomposability in Search: Evidence from the Recorded Music Industry 1995-2015, Revise and resubmit, Strategic Management Journal.
– 2018 AOM Best Paper Proceedings

Sungyong Chang, Jeho Lee, Jaeyong Song, Understanding Diffusion Phenomena from a Network Perspective: Dynamic Implications of Bridges in Integrating Disconnected Parts, Under review, Organization Science

Sanghyun Park, Sungyong Chang, Border of Network Effects and Early Internationalization as a Latecomer Strategy

Sukhun Kang, Sungyong Chang, Joseph Ross, Jennifer E. Miller, Compliance with Public Disclosure of Expanded Access Policy

Work in progress

Driving on bumpy roads: Why do firms have negative serial correlations in their growth rates? (with Liinus Hietaniemi, LBS)

Reexamination of the impact of social liberalization policies on innovation: Evidence from the recorded music industry (with Divya Saxena, LBS)

Does toolkit licensing facilitate the survival of latecomers in the presence of industry cyclicality?: Evidence from the DRAM industry 2005-2014

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