[1] Sungyong Chang, J.P. Eggers, Daniel D. Keum, Bottleneck Resources, Market Relatedness, and the Dynamics of Organizational Growth , forthcoming, Organization Science.

[2] Sukhun Kang, Sungyong Chang, Joseph Ross, Jennifer E. Miller, Implementation of 21st Century Cures Act Expanded Access Policies Requirements, forthcoming, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

[3] Sungyong Chang, Bruce Kogut, JS Yang, 2016, Global Diversification Discount and Its Discontents: A Bit of Self-selection Makes a World of Difference, Strategic Management Journal 37 (11), 2254-2274
– 2015 AOM Best Paper Proceedings

Working papers

Sungyong Chang, Two Faces of Decomposability in Search: Evidence from the Recorded Music Industry 1995-2015, Revise and resubmit, Strategic Management Journal.
– 2018 AOM Best Paper Proceedings

Sungyong Chang, Jeho Lee, Jaeyong Song, Understanding Diffusion Phenomena from a Network Perspective: Implications of Bridges in Integrating Disconnected Parts, Revise and resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

Sungyong Chang, Hyunseob Kim, Jaeyong Song, Keun Lee, Role of Latecomers’ Imitation in Overtaking Industry Leaders under Schumpeterian Competition, Revise and resubmit, Academy of Management Review.

Sanghyun Park, Sungyong Chang, Borders of Network Effects and Early Internationalization as a Latecomer Strategy, Under review, Academy of Management Review

Sungyong Chang, Hyunseob Kim, Jaeyong Song, Keun Lee, Dynamics of Imitation versus Innovation in Technological Leadership Change: Latecomers’ Catch-up Strategies in Diverse Technological Regimes, Under review, Research Policy

Sukhun Kang, Sungyong Chang, When Do Firms Provide Early Access prior to Commercialization? Evidence from Expanded Access Programs in Oncology Drug Market

Work in progress

(with Nina Teng, Hyunseob Kim) Standardized development toolkits and product innovation: Evidence from the game engine and video game industry. (Preliminary draft)

Imitative entrants, industry cyclicality, and competitive dynamics: Evidence from the DRAM industry 2005-2014 (Preliminary draft)

When does a decomposed search improve search performance? Evidence from the Recorded Music industry 1995-2015

(with Olenka Kacperczyk, Divya Saxena) Unemployment insurance and firm innovation: Evidence from the recorded music industry

(with Liinus Hietaniemi) Technological opportunity and the persistence of firm growth

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